Hiya, I’m Sophie!

Thanks for stopping by! It’s fair to say as wedding photographers we spend a fair amount of time with our couples. I love arriving on a wedding day and thinking ‘yasssssss!’ because you are TOTALLY my kind of people, so I try to make my about me page a decent introduction to me and what I’m all about. After all, we do spend at least some time together on your special day, so It’s always nice to have a thing or two in common.

I live in Northamptonshire with my lovely Husband, Kyle and crazy husky, Ivy. I’m a recent newly-wed where I got married in May 2019. It feels so weird to be someones WIFE and I do find it hard to refrain from referring to Kyle as my Husband at every opportunity. Dogs are basically my favourite thing and I couldn’t be without my girl, despite how troublesome she may be. (Don’t be decieved by the cuteness below. I know it’s hard, I fell for it too.)

I’ve been shooting weddings for long enough now to know what to photograph and when to photograph it.  Those of you who have chatted with me already will know I have a mostly documentary style, which means a very natural approach to wedding photography, capturing your day mostly from the behind the scenes. For the large majority of my couples, this is their reason to book!

Traditionally, a wedding photographer captures a set number of posed, group photos and little more, but that’s just not me. I take group photos and then some. You may be camera shy or just want to look back on your memories without missing out on them yourself, but either way, that’s what I am all about.

Sophie Ann Photographys Husky Ivy

Random Facts

– I’m a bit of a workaholic, as well as a major list maker. I love organising my life through planners, notepads and folders, all of which can be found in bulk in my office.

– I love a good Netflix series, especially police / crime shows. Happy Valley, Line of Duty and The Killing amongst my favourites.

– Chinese is my favourite takeaway, but I normally have the planest thing on the menu.I’m a super fussy eater which is half the reason all my couples save that little bit of extra money through not having to provide me with a meal, woo hoo!

– I love dogs. Did I already say that?

Bride at Kelmarsh Hall Wedding

Your Day, Your Way

I am typically one of the first suppliers booked when it comes to planning a wedding which I love, because I’m then in an ideal position to help you in any way I can as you plan your day. If I can offer 1 piece of advice, it’s truly that the most important person is you.

Kyle and I got married ourselves in May 2019 and planned an untraditional day because it was exactly what WE wanted. We had a festival tipi wedding at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. No sit down meal, no first dance and I didn’t wear a white dress (hence the teal skirt, the photo you see is me!). The best bit is, we wouldn’t change a thing!

Having been through it myself, I completely understand your excitement, nerves and know how important your wedding photos will be. After all, photos are one of the few things left after your day – they’re a BIG deal!


Actually About Me

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who will be just as excited as you are about your plans… yep, hi, that’s me!

I’m not just the photographer on your wedding day, I’m there to help in whatever way you need it. Chasing your makeup artist aross the carpark when they don’t leave some lippy for the evening, cutting hundreds of tags off all your dresses or just keeping you calm before you walk down the terrifyyyyyying aisle! (Just kidding, it’s not that scary. The second you walk down it you won’t notice anyone but your partner. I promise!)

I feel SOOOOO lucky to say Wedding Photography is my full time job and even more so because I love every single minute of it. Capturing people in love on the happiest day of their life, I mean, what more could I really want?

Kelmarsh Hall Wedding Photography

Meet Kyle

I’ve been with Kyle for over 6 years now. We spend our time binge-watching shows on Netflix, going on adventures in our campervan or eating good food. Kyle is typically my second photographer if you book my ‘Confetti’ package, so it’s only fair I introduce him properly with a few facts too.

Kyle also loves dogs, but didn’t when we first got together back when we were at school. He now likes dogs more than me. We both love to travel, especially in our van! We’ve drove all the way to Disneyland in it which is where we got engaged back in 2017. Kyle’s favourite place is definately Cornwall though, so if you are getting married down there, we can definately make the trip!

An important one now – Kyle loves pizza (so if you have a pizza van, or any kind of street food for that matter at your wedding, he may want a slice!)

Right, we’ve introduced ourselves, is it time for some formal head shots now? (Okay, maybe not 100% formal, but we are at least holding cameras!)

Wedding Photographer Sophie with Camera
Wedding Photographer Sophie with Camera