About Me


I promise not to ramble on too much about me, after all – this is all about you! However, if I did happen to become your photographer it won’t take long for us to become friends, so I may as well introduce myself properly!

I live in Northamptonshire with my lovely Husband, Kyle and dog. I have a beautiful, (but crazy) Husky named Ivy. I’m a tiny bit dog obsessed, so if you happen to have one we’ll get along for sure. Plus, if you’re including them in your big day, I’d be over the moon to meet them! I’m a computer whizz, chocoholic and rarely found without a camera in hand.

I got married myself May 2019 and cannot believe how crazy it feels to be someones wife! Choosing a photographer was probably one of the hardest things I did when planning my wedding, but having been through it myself, I completely understand your excitement, nerves and know just how important these photos will be. I promise you that the time you are spending making everything how YOU want it is 110% worth it. I hope I can be a part of your perfect day.

A natural, relaxed, fun style

Documentary photography goes by many names, but when asked to explain exactly what this means for my couples – it’s me telling the REAL story of one of the happiest days of your life.

Traditionally, a wedding photographer captures a set number of posed, group photos and little more, but with my style, you’ll receive a natural, unposed and beautiful gallery of what your day was all about.

Expect genuine smiles, laughter, tears of happiness and pride. It’s not just about the posed photos (although I’m always happy to take any you’d like!) it’s about the natural, real and amazing story of your day – that’s what my style is all about.

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Anything in common?

1. I’m obsessed with my pup, Ivy. She’s the most cheeky, troublesome but gorgeous husky ever. (She is 2, but obviously she’s still a puppy to me)

2. Chinese takeaway is my favourite. If we were ordering food in, Chinese is my first choice every time. My usual order? Duck Pancakes, Hong Kong Style Sweet and Sour Chicken, Boiled Rice (plain, I know) Prawn Crackers and Chips!

3. I love a good Netflix series. A totally random ‘genre’ but I love a good police show. Happy Valley, Line of Duty and The Killing amongst my favourites.

4. I’ve been with my Husband for 6 years (Married in May 2019). We met in school and he is my best friend! We go to the cinema A LOT, love to go on little adventures and are big foodies.

5. I always tended to be the designated IT friend in any job I had before photography. I’m totally okay with this.

6. My Mum and Dad both mean so much to me. They inspire me to achieve what they have every day.

7. In my social life I’m a BIG introvert. I am the person that would rather stay at home with snacks and my duvet than head to the club. (Don’t let that worry you though, once I have my camera in hand ‘wedding mode’ comes out and I love every minute.)

8. I am naturally Ginger / Strawberry Blonde. This was totally un-cool when I was at school so I went through a lot of hair dye! As an adult, my favourite thing about myself is my hair colour.

9. I’m a bit of a list maker and love organising my life a little too much. Planners, diaries and notepads can be found around my office in bulk haha!

10. I truly love all things weddings. I would even love to open a venue one day (If I win the lottery that is. Good luck though, since I don’t even play!)

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