Choosing a photographer for your wedding day is a pretty big deal, so we want to make sure we share our work with you across our website to give you a real idea on what we as photographers are all about. AKA, this is the page that should make you say something like

‘Omg! This is what I want my wedding photos to look like!’.

If you’re yet to check out our wedding photo package, you may not know we shoot every wedding as a pair! We’re there from prep to dancing, capturing moments as they happen. We won’t ask you to look at the camera 24/7, put you in awkward poses, or have you standing away from your guests all day. Instead, you’ll have an awesome couple shoot (and it won’t be cheesy, promise!) with a gallery of mostly documentary images to look back on for the years to come.

Have a browse of the tabs below for our wedding portfolio and some highlights from some of our favourite weddings, all delivered to our mega awesome couples who at one point where browsing, just like you.